! Note from the creator of this Database:

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag game has closed its doors, this Database evolves as an archive Database of the game!
It would be a shame if this game was to be forgotten after all these moments spent on it, so I will continue to open this Database as a memory of this game.

*Congratulations, Database becomes Archive.*

A BIG thank you to the entire SAOMD community, who without you, this website would have had a lot of difficulty to exist!
It was an incredible experience, as well as some great encounters on this game.

In the hope that this website has helped you the best during this game.
See you next time!

- Signed, Ekoow.
Ekoow#6547 - @Ekoow_Fanadata

! Discord Server:

For this occasion, our discord guild server from SAOMD, /Ragout Rabbit/, has just opened its doors publicly with the goal of becoming a community, do not hesitate to join him to say hello!
Like the famous Ragout Rabbit known in the Sword Art Online universe, Ragout Rabbit a Waifu ?!

Main server language: French (English accepted)

  • SAO ARS channels
  • Genshin Impact channels
  • BOT Discord ЯR, belonging to the server
  • And much more... ~ ♪
Character: 749
Weapon: 802
Equipment: 401
Scout: 207
Quest: 941
Boss: 571
Item: 455