[Piercing Eye]
6 stars Bow_Water

A Cait Sith in ALO. She becomes entangled in a ridiculous and reckless fight between siblings when Asuna asks her to help Leafa together with Lisbeth.

World: ALO
Glacial Shot 35 MP
A sword skill for the long bow. Fire a frozen arrow.
Hail Bullet 50 MP
A wide-ranging sword skill for the long bow. Call down arrows to rain around you.
Diamond Burst 112 MP
An acceleration skill. Release a sharply piercing attack, and then strike the enemy with diamond-like shards of ice. Reduces damage received for a short period of time. 20 HIT
Combo Partner
[Leafa] Increases damage attained by 10%
> Acceleration Skill ?
Performing the 'accelerated' SS3 will slow down the time. (6★ exclusive)
> Damage mitigation ?
Performing the SS3 will grant a shield which lowers any damage taken and hit stun immunity.
> Auto-Parry ?
During guard, the character will automatically peform a parry if situation allows it.
HP 11016
MP 275
ATK 4402
DEF 2332
CRIT 3697
History selection
o x

No equipment registered.
Save a composition by selecting the equipment and clicking on

Crit. Damage +10% (vs. Fire)
Increase critical damage vs Fire-elem. enemies by 10%.
MP & Atk. +15%
Increases max MP and Atk. by 15%.
LS: Party members' Attack +4% every 10 combos (max.: +20%)
Attack of all party members increases by 4% every 10 combo attacks when you are a leader. Max. 20% increase.
Other languages:
English Sinon [Piercing Eye]
Japanese シノン [???]
Korean 시논 [???]
Traditional Chinese 詩乃 [???]
Simplified Chinese 诗乃 [???]