[Heart Full of Memories]
6 stars Sword_Water

A young man Kirito met in Underworld. The memory fragment he left behind helped Kirito awaken. He will be with Kirito to the very end.

World: UW
Vorpal Strike 50 MP
Deal a single, fierce attack that hits hard and reaches far in front of you.
Vertical Arc 45 MP
A two-hit combo with a one-handed sword. Strike down and then up in a V-shape.
Cedar of My Past 112 MP
A crossing skill. Strikes the enemy with an attack equal to the battles fought alongside your friend and the marks engraved into the giant cedar at the start of your journey. 17 HIT
Combo Partner
[UW] Increases damage attained by 10%
> Acceleration Skill ?
Performing the 'accelerated' SS3 will slow down the time. (6★ exclusive)
> Auto-Parry ?
During guard, the character will automatically peform a parry if situation allows it.
> Crossing Skill ? MP Link
Allows an instant Switch with another Crossing Skill character, 2 SS3 at the same time. If it's a Combo Partner character, then an extra combo is added. Shares a percentage of MP charge from regular attacks with Stand-by character who also activated Crossing Skill.
HP 14277
MP 275
ATK 4452
DEF 2623
CRIT 3120
History selection
o x

No equipment registered.
Save a composition by selecting the equipment and clicking on

Crit. Damage +10% (vs. Fire)
Increase critical damage vs Fire-elem. enemies by 10%.
MP & Atk. +15%
Increases max MP and Atk. by 15%.
LS: Party members' Attack +4% every 10 combos (max.: +20%)
Attack of all party members increases by 4% every 10 combo attacks when you are a leader. Max. 20% increase.
Other languages:
English Eugeo [Heart Full of Memories]
Japanese ユージオ 【思い出はここに】
Korean 유지오 [추억은 이곳에]
Traditional Chinese 尤吉歐 [???]
Simplified Chinese 优吉欧 [???]