[Hero Rises]
6 stars Dual Blades_Dark

A human from the real world who found himself in Underworld. Finally back on his feet, he faces off with Vassago in order to protect his friends.

World: UW
Double Circular 35 MP
A sword skill unique to Dual Blades. Thrust with one sword; slash with the other.
Cygnus Onslaught 60 MP
Fly at the enemy and deliver a devastating slash in a cross shape.
Starbust Reborn 112 MP
A crossing skill. The revived hero strikes the enemy with a rapid 16-hit combo, continues with a single hit from a friend, and brings it all to a close. 18 HIT
Combo Partner
[UW] Increases damage attained by 10%
> Acceleration Skill ?
Performing the 'accelerated' SS3 will slow down the time. (6★ exclusive)
> Auto-Parry ?
During guard, the character will automatically peform a parry if situation allows it.
> Crossing Skill ? MP Link
Allows an instant Switch with another Crossing Skill character, 2 SS3 at the same time. If it's a Combo Partner character, then an extra combo is added. Shares a percentage of MP charge from regular attacks with Stand-by character who also activated Crossing Skill.
HP 11159
MP 275
ATK 4821
DEF 2337
CRIT 3204
History selection
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No equipment registered.
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Crit. Damage +10% (vs. Holy)
Increases critical damage vs Holy-elem. enemies by 10%
MP & Atk. +15%
Increases max MP and Atk. by 15%.
LS: Party members' Attack +4% every 10 combos (max.: +20%)
Attack of all party members increases by 4% every 10 combo attacks when you are a leader. Max. 20% increase.
Other languages:
English Kirito [Hero Rises]
Japanese キリト 【蘇りし英雄】
Korean 키리토 [부활한 영웅]
Traditional Chinese 桐人 [???]
Simplified Chinese 桐人 [???]