[Under the Blazing Sun]
6 stars Bow_Earth

A Swordcraft Academy primary trainee who served as Kirito's page. She wears a swimsuit under the hot sun.

World: UW
Petra Shot 35 MP
A sword skill for the long bow. Fire an arrow that brings forth boulders from wherever it lands.
Strike Nova 60 MP
One of the beast sword skills for the bow. Unleash an arrow brimming with powerful magic.
Sand Piercing Arrow 100 MP
A crossing skill. It can charge up. Jump up and attack the enemy from high in the air, then use your last arrow to make water spout up from the ground. Increases all party members' critical damage. 15 HIT
Combo Partner
[Earth] Increases damage attained by 10%
> Acceleration Skill ?
Performing the 'accelerated' SS3 will slow down the time. (6★ exclusive)
> Crossing Skill ? ATK UP Link
Allows an instant Switch with another Crossing Skill character, 2 SS3 at the same time. If it's a Combo Partner character, then an extra combo is added. Increases attack for a certain amount of time for you and the character who activated Crossing Skill.
> Charge Skill ?
Holding the SS3 button before releasing it will increase the damage dealt by the skill.
> Buff CRIT Damage (Team) ?
Team gains a CRIT DAMAGE buff which increases damage on critical hits.
> Auto-Parry ?
During guard, the character will automatically peform a parry if situation allows it.
HP 10994
MP 275
ATK 4283
DEF 2300
CRIT 3602
History selection
o x

No equipment registered.
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Crit. Damage +10% (vs. Water)
Increase critical damage vs Water-elem. enemies by 10%.
MP & Atk. +15%
Increases max MP and Atk. by 15%.
30+ Combo: P-Mem' Attack +15% (P-Leader)
Attack for 30-hit+ combos of all party members increases by 15% when you are a leader.
Other languages:
English Ronie [Under the Blazing Sun]
Japanese ロニエ 【照りつける太陽の下】
Korean 로니에 [내리쬐는 태양 아래서]
Traditional Chinese 羅妮耶 【在高照的豔陽之下】
Simplified Chinese 罗妮耶 【在高照的艳阳之下】