[Is This Love]
6 stars Lance_Holy

Captain Guard of the Norlangarth Imperial Knights who took in Kirito as her page at the Swordcraft Academy. She participates in the Bridal Contest with Tiese, but is conflicted over Alice and Ronie's feelings for Kirito and what she feels herself.

World: UW
Sonic Charge 50 MP
Thrust to stop the enemy's movement and rush rapidly.
Helical Twice 35 MP
Swing a lance twice with might and main to attack wide range of surrounding enemies.
To Have and To Hold - Floral Vow 100 MP
A crossing skill. Vow to the flowers to build a strong bond of trust, creating a sacred ring that gives off a combo attack. Increases a combination character's attack power. 15 HIT
Combo Partner
[Holy] Increases damage attained by 10%
> Acceleration Skill ?
Performing the 'accelerated' SS3 will slow down the time. (6★ exclusive)
> Switch - Buff ATK ?
Switch starter or partner gain an ATK buff when switching.
> : Tracking Circular ?
SS3 creates a damaging homing circle which increases combo counter. Tracking Circular does not hitstun the enemy.
> Crossing Skill ? CRIT Rate UP Link
Allows an instant Switch with another Crossing Skill character, 2 SS3 at the same time. If it's a Combo Partner character, then an extra combo is added. Increases CRIT rate for a certain amount of time for you and the character who activated Crossing Skill.
HP 12800
MP 275
ATK 4229
DEF 2685
CRIT 3503
History selection
o x

No equipment registered.
Save a composition by selecting the equipment and clicking on

Crit. Damage +10% (vs. Dark)
Increase critical damage vs Dark-elem. enemies by 10%.
MP & Atk. +15%
Increases max MP and Atk. by 15%.
30+ Combo: P-Mem' Attack +15% (P-Leader)
Attack for 30-hit+ combos of all party members increases by 15% when you are a leader.
Other languages:
English Sortiliena [Is This Love]
Japanese ソルティリーナ [???]
Korean 솔티리나 [확인하고 싶은 마음]
Traditional Chinese 索爾緹莉娜 【想要明白這份心意】
Simplified Chinese 索尔提莉娜 【想要明白这份心意】